CIWM President Opens Laser Cutter At CIWM Meeting

CIWM President Opens Laser Cutter

In News by Laura Dean

On Friday 15th March we sponsored and hosted the CIWM North East Open Meeting here at Wybone. The day included a welcome from John Miller, CIWM North East Chairman, followed by presentations from Council Waste Managers about street cleansing and enforcement and even a speech from our very own GFC Production Manager, Paul Armitage on the ‘Evolution of the litter bin’.

The normally shy and retiring Managing Director of Wybone, Richard Cooper, was pushed into the spotlight to open the day’s proceedings with an introduction to Wybone. Then the first presentation of the day was given by Steve Robinson of Essellar. His speech set the context of the street scene and the importance of delivering planned service and environmental enforcement.

Next up was Paul Armitage, our Glass Fibre Composite (GFC) Production Manager who’s speech on the evolution of the litter bin proved very entertaining and gave an insight into how customers needs have shaped the litter bin today. His talk also gave a brief history of Wybone right up to the present day’s lean manufacturing and continuous improvement techniques.

Wendy Brown and Wayne Young from North Tyneside Council then gave a joint presentation about planning, organising and delivering effective street cleansing and enforcement. Their talk covered the Council’s approach to coordinated operational service delivery, awareness and enforcement, leading onto talk about how the Council performed in the Clean Britain Awards.

The final talk of the day was given by Steve Waterhouse, City Cleansing and Enforcement Manager at Leeds City Council. His speech discussed the issues surrounding street cleansing and enforcement in a large, busy city centre. All the day’s presentations were informative and enjoyable, sparking many debates about key issues within waste management during the Q&A session.

After a Yorkshire lunch of pie and peas, everyone was taken on a tour of the Wybone factory. The tour took our guests around the entire factory, visiting the Metalwork, GFC and Hospital Waste Bin Departments to give a brief insight into how we manufacture our products.

The tour ended with the official opening of our brand new Amada Alpha Laser 4KW laser cutter and sheet loader by John Skidmore, CIWM President. This ribbon cutting ceremony saw our new piece of machinery declared fully operational and a plaque now marks the occasion, proudly displayed next to the laser cutter. We have invested in this new piece of equipment to ensure the quality of our products whilst helping to improve value for money for our customers. This ultra-modern laser cutter allows 6 tonnes of material to be worked on in off-peak hours, when the demand for electricity is much less.

Here at Wybone we have a policy of continuous improvement and always strive to develop our manufacturing techniques to give our customers a fantastic product at a fantastic price. This new laser cutter is the latest in a string of investments designed to secure the future of the business.

We would like to thank John Skidmore and everyone who attended the CIWM meeting, we had a fantastic day and hope you did too.