In any healthcare environment where medical waste needs to be segregated and disposed of properly and safely, Wybone waste bins, which are manufactured to exacting medical standards, are the ideal choice.

For any clinical practice, including doctors’ surgeries, hospital wards, clinical departments, medical health centres, care homes, pharmacies, dentists or vets, the Wybone capsule sackholder range is the perfect solution

Wybone offer an excellent range of customisable, hardwearing clinical & medical waste bins, which have been manufactured from a combination of ABS plastic and fire retardant and corrosion resistant plastisol.

The capsule waste bins are available in a range of convenient sizes, from 28 to 80 litres, and for each bin there is the option of an accompanying customised sticker, for either the body or the lid, which will allow you to successfully control the waste stream.

The lightweight sackholders have also been developed with a leak proof tray that will catch any spills or liquids should the bin bag split, a removable body which allows you to quickly and easily lift out the main body for a deeper clean, and a clever lid which avoids leaving dirty marks or indents on the wall behind it.

Furthermore, all Wybone medical and clinical waste bins have an anti-bacterial coating as standard, which prevents the growth and spread of bacteria on the capsule sackholder’s surfaces. There is also an option for waste bins to be fitted with a hands-free foot pedal, which means that nobody ever needs to touch the lid. This minimises the risk of cross infection and the spread of disease – both of paramount importance in a clinical and medical environment.

Wybone also offer a soft closing lid option, available for any of the capsule sackholders. Perfect for use in hospital wards and other quiet areas where noise control is a concern, the soft closing mechanism silently slows the action down avoiding the disturbance of patients.

With Wybone having successfully held contracts with the NHS since 1998, you can be sure that whatever your needs, Wybone has the perfect bin for your environment.