New First Aid Room Legislation

In News by Laura Dean

Important changes to the first aid at work regulations were implemented by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) from October 2013.

These new legislation place the onus of responsibility on the employer and gives businesses more flexibility to choose the training that’s right for them. The new legislation has four key areas:

1. Workplace Risk Profile
2. Additional Training
3. Due Diligence
4. First Aid Room or Area

The HSE has revised its guidance on equipment and provision of a workplace first aid room or area. HSE recommend any work place should have a first aid room for the safety of the employees.

Should an employee be injured at work, the first aid room is a safe place for treatment, away from any other hazards that could cause further injury.

One of the recommended items for these first aid rooms is a ‘foot operated refuse container, lined with disposable, yellow clinical waste bags or a container suitable for the safe disposal of clinical waste’.

Clinical waste cannot be disposed of the same was as normal rubbish, so it must be collected and disposed of separately.

The Wybone Waste Bin is an ideal choice for use in First Aid Rooms, as they are foot pedal operated and even available with a yellow lid and base so it cannot be mistaken for a regular bin.

The bin is also extremely quick and easy to clean, ideal for keeping it hygienic after it has been collecting clinical waste.

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