Preventing the spread of bacteria is imperative when looking for a waste bin suitable for use in your home or work place, and most people are unaware of how often they come into contact with bacteria when using a waste bin daily. All Wybone waste bins are manufactured with an anti-bacterial silver ion coating known as ‘Bactiban’. The coating works by releasing invisible silver ions that absorb and destroy bacteria, these are active for periods in excess of 10 years depending on the functional environment. This guarantees a continuous prevention against germs on your bin. The ‘Bactiban’ anti-bacterial coating is included on your Capsule sackholder waste bin as standard at no additional cost.

Fire Retardant

Fire safety is not always considered when it comes to waste bins – but at Wybone we are committed to manufacturing all of our bins to comply with HTM-05 fire safety regulations, so that they leave our factory ready for all eventualities. Our waste bins are manufactured using a fire retardant ABS plastic, and a steel and plastisol fire retardant body giving you peace of mind in higher risk environments, such as canteens and hospitals. Although we don’t like to use the term fireproof (as much as we’d love our bins to be indestructible), we aim to make our bins as fire resistant as possible. All of our new bin designs are sent for fire testing before being put into production, in order to assure that they are completely safe. We were once notified that one of our bins remained intact after a real fire, a true (if not unfortunate) testament to their fire resilience.

Corrosive Resistant

When you buy a new waste bin for your home or workplace, you want a product that is going to perform and last for years without fail. At Wybone we understand this, and that’s why we manufacture all our Capsule sackholder bodies using a material called plastisol, and the bases and lids from hard wearing aerospace grade ABS plastic. Plastisol is plastic coated galvanised steel that offers unrivalled resistance to corrosion and abrasion. It effectively means that your bin has two layers of protection from liquids and the environment that would otherwise cause a bin to rust and corrode over time. All the plastisol used to manufacture our corrosion resistant bins is subject to independent laboratory testing carried out to UKAS International standards to measure its performance against the effect of sunlight, chemical attack and abrasion. The use of ABS plastic makes our waste bins bathroom and wet room proof.

Easy Clean

All Wybone waste bins are manufactured with ease of cleaning in mind. We are aware that cleaning and disinfecting a bin can be time consuming, so we have designed vital features in order to speed up this process. Our removable body waste bins allow you to quickly and effortlessly lift out the complete main body of the bin for a deeper and easier clean. We have incorporated a leak proof tray on all sackholders, where spills and leakages can be easily dealt with. We have also used specialist non-porous plastic, preventing bacteria from being embedded into the body of the bin and the wipe down lid with a smooth surface allows you to quickly clean the cover of your bin with ease

Foot Pedal

All Wybone waste bins are fitted with a convenient foot pedal for easier access. Our sturdy foot pedal design has been rigorously tested to guarantee continuous use. These kitchen friendly bins allow you to dispose of food easily and more hygienically without having to hold the lid open. Our foot pedal opening system prevents the bin from being opened by hand and is suitable for medical centres, dentists, hospitals and veterinary surgeries, where the spread of bacteria is a much higher risk environment.

Anti-Scuff Design

Wybone waste bins have an anti-scuff design to prevent your waste bin leaving dirty marks and indents on your walls, or stains on your floor. The rear of the bin is designed to allow the lid to open without making contact with the wall behind it, therefore eliminating scuff marks or damage to paintwork. This is particularly useful if the bin is used in your home as it prevents damage to your paint or wallpaper, and also in commercial and healthcare environments where the bin is being constantly opened and closed and subject to heavy daily use.


Our bins are manufactured with a combination of plastisol (plastic coated steel) and ABS aerospace grade plastic, forming a hardwearing and durable product. Guaranteed not to corrode or rust over time, with the addition of a leak proof tray prevents any spills and leakages. Additionally, the waste bin can be cleaned with ease and will withstand daily cleaning using all domestic cleaning products. The hardwearing quality of our bins makes them ideal for environments where they are subject to constant and heavy usage; including busy wards, toilets or canteens.

Easy Mobile Wheels

All Wybone bins have integrated castors and handles, this allows easy control and avoids heavy lifting. An ideal feature if your bin is being used in a commercial environment where manual handling regulations apply. The waste bin can be manoeuvred around the home or work place using its wheels, avoiding the issue of carrying litterbags by hand. The plastic castors are also ‘non marking’, leaving your carpets and floors scuff free. Our waste bins are available in a range of sizes including 28L, 42L and 80L, with the smallest of the range being ideal for small spaces where a regular size bin might not fit. Similarly, our 80L capacity waste bin is perfect for commercial environments where a large but easily manoeuvrable bin is required.

Soft Close Quiet Lid (Optional)

An optional extra which aims to combat noise control around a home or work place; our soft close lid mechanism prevents the banging of bin lids when closing. This feature can be used for high traffic areas such as offices or medical centres, where a quiet environment is required. The soft close mechanism works using a discreet gas strut that is positioned on the back of the bin, and takes the weight of the closing lid to prevent noisy slamming. We recommend soft close lids with all our bins, as we believe they add the finishing touch to a stylish and practical bin design.